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The products ordered will be delivered to the post address specified by the user in the order form. Deliveries will be made by express courier from Monday to Friday, in regular office hours. TerraItaly™ reserves the right to turn to other carriers and/or to adopt other delivery systems. Delivery is considered completed when the product is placed at the disposal of the user at the delivery address specified in the order form. The delivery times of each product will be expressly stated during the purchase procedure and, anyhow, before this is completed. They will also be indicated in the confirmation of the purchase order. If no specific delivery time is indicated, the same will anyhow take place not later than twenty days from the day after the order receipt.



The payment of the products bought from the Site must be by credit card or cash on delivery. Credit cards from the VISA, MasterCard, Maestro circuits are accepted; payments  will be processed via a secure server-to-server connection through the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Protocol with 128bit encryption. No charge will be made on the order to the user’s credit card utilized for  payment. Billing will take place only after (i) the data of the user’s credit card utilized for payment have been checked (ii) the company that has issued the user’s credit card utilized has released authorization to billing. The commercial invoice will be issued automatically on each purchase. While the order is being processed, the user will be asked to communicate his/her data to head the invoice, including the tax-payer’s code or VAT No.  In case of missed payments, TerraItaly™ will debit the user the costs arising from processing of the unpaid amount, notifying the user by e-mail.


What’s the purpose of TerraItaly?

TerraItaly.it wants to be your window on Italy, providing you with “a vision from above” with high-resolution aerial imagery, whose archive is constantly updated. TerraItaly.it was designed  to be used by anybody, either professionals or simple lovers of  photography, and for this reason both availability and functions of the site are checked and improved so frequently.


What the characteristics of the imagery delivered on photographic digital print?

The prints of the TerraItaly™ products are the reproduction, obtained  with Kodak LED Digital Color printer, following a digital print process on photographic paper in the formats  30×30 cm and 50×50 cm. The prints are obtained from digital imagery.


What is the certified print?

It is a print on photographic paper that shows/contains the date when the photo was taken. You can use this print in your litigation.


What must I do to get a certified print?

After adding the image you want to the basket, you can choose additional service of certified print.


What must I do to see the complete date when the image I want to buy was taken?

Inside the basket and beside each of the images that you have choosen, you will find the flight date (yyyy-mm-dd).


If I buy only the digital image in JPG format, will I also receive the certification of the date?

No. To receive the certification you have to choose the additional service of the certified print.


How long does it take to deliver the products?

The products purchased are shipped within 15 days from date of order on the Web, by express courier in Italy, and are delivered within 24-48 hours from shipment.


Can I cancel my order?

The orders can be cancelled within 48 hours following the e-message transmitting the summary of the purchase.


Is it possible to download the images ordered?

No, no image can be downloaded from the site. All files will be delivered to customer on cd-rom.


Is it possible to publish an image of the TerraItaly™ imagery?

Image publishing is governed by the rules set forth by Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree S.p.A that customers can view and approve at purchase.

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